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Hispaniola Maritime Repair Services, SRL

Agents for Orion Maritime and Logistics Services, Inc, Panama, providing a full Service Marine Repair Facility in the Dominican Republic

Protective Coatings

New Era Marine Corrosion Control

Epoxy Solvent-free Protective Coating Systems

 We represent a new generation of highly advanced solvent-free polymers that can be applied to wet and rusty surfaces, and fully backed by manufacturer guarantee for 5 or 10 years according to application. 


Chemco International system has passed a new IMO performance standard for protective coatings. It is the world’s first approved system on rusty and wet substrate.

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of testing for the new IMO requirements for ballast tank coatings of the Chemco solvent-free, surface-tolerant and moisture-tolerant epoxy system.

The tests on rusty and wet substrates exceeded all requirements of the tests which are designed to simulate 15 years service in ballast tanks. Chemco offers straightforward, long-term, transferrable guarantees valid for a minimum of five years, even on patch repairs. The IMO test results provide further validation of Chemco’s confidence in offering such guarantees and confirm customers’ experience of the system.

In addition to the environmental and H&S benefits of the products, zero VOC and odour free, substantial cost benefits are achieved for Chemco customers. There is no requirement for de-humidification and ventilation and hot-work can be carried out in close proximity without disruption to other trades. The resultant reduction in time required to prepare, apply and de-stage means that customers can enjoy project savings of 30% or more over conventional dry grit-blasting and painting. The unique properties of the Chemco system permits projects to be undertaken at sea, quayside or in dry-dock.

Further cost benefits accrue as the coatings can be applied “wet on wet” and can cure underwater, thus allowing vessels to be ballasted and under-way in approximately 8 hours from completion of application. Combined with the reduced impact on other trades, this substantially saves down-time and time in dock thus increasing in-service time. The potential increased charter time may earn Chemco clients sufficient additional revenue to cover the cost of the project.

We have agreement with specialist contractors utilising the Chemco system, and will be pleased to quote surface preparation and application of this coating, with guarantee, for all vessel areas including cargo tanks, fresh drinking-water tanks, decks, pipelines, holds, outside shell and engine rooms.

Brochures available for download on the Downloads Page.

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